Provost Scholarship

The Provost Scholarship awards 60 first-year, non-resident students an out-of-state tuition waiver for eight semesters. Scholars are selected by the Office of Special Scholarships.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. When will Provost Scholars be selected and notified?

    Students will be notified approximately the same time as their financial aid offer becomes available. Students who are not selected will not be contacted.

  2. What qualities is Georgia Tech looking for when selecting Provost Scholars?

    Students selected as Provost Scholars are those who demonstrate extraordinary academic achievement, outstanding leadership skills, and have high potential to contribute inside and outside the classroom at Georgia Tech. The factors considered for selection of the Provost Scholarships are the same as for admission.

  3. Do I need to submit any additional information to be considered for the Provost Scholarship?

    No. Our selection committee will utilize the information you supplied on your application for admission to chose the recipients.

  4. How many Provost Scholars will be selected each year?

    Sixty Provost Scholars are chosen from the pool of thousands of accepted first-year from outside the state of Georgia.

  5. What is the amount of the Provost Scholarship?

    The scholarship is for up to eight semesters of enrollment in an amount equal to the non-resident portion of tuition charges. 12 credit hours must be taken during the semester to be eligible for this award.

  6. What are the requirements for maintaining the Provost Scholarship?

    Recipients must achieve and maintain at least a 3.00 cumulative grade point average.

  7. Can a student be considered for both the Provost Scholarship and an award from the Office of Special Scholarships?

    A student can be considered for both, but will not be awarded from both offices.

  8. I was admitted for the Fall term, but want to start in the summer Ignite Program. Will I be eligible to use the Provost Scholarship for the summer term?

    Only students admitted for the summer term may request to start using the Provost Scholarship in the summer. If you were admitted for fall, that is when it will be first awarded.